Scilogex SCI-Mate Repeater Pipettor - 702383

The Scilogex SCI-Mate repeater pipettor is a positive displacement instrument that allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing without the need for refilling. Our repeater pipettor is able to dispense a particular volume up to 48 times in succession, a number that is more than sufficient for most laboratory applications. The instrument is easy to use and is designed so that it can be used with either the left hand or the right hand. Five easy-to-select settings control the dispensing volume, and the syringe is filled by means of a simple sliding button. The repeater dispenser is designed to be used with syringe volumes ranging from 0.5 ml to 50 ml and is compatible with most manufacturers’ syringe tips (except Eppendorf®), providing complete versatility for almost any situation. E-Z polypropylene syringe tips are also available from Scilogex.

  • Easy single-handed operation and volume setting
  • Ideal for pipetting aqueous and viscous liquids
  • Accessory EZ polypropylene syringe tips available
  • Uses most manufacturers syringe-tips
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Maintenance-free
  • 1 year warranty
Dial Setting12345AccuracyPrecision
Number of Doses482315118
Syringe Volume
0.50 ml10 ul20 ul30 ul40 ul50 ul±0.8%≤0.7%
1.25ml25 ul50 ul75 ul100 ul125 ul±0.8%≤0.5%
2.50ml50 ul100 ul150 ul200 ul250 ul±0.8%≤0.4%
5.00 ml100 ul200 ul300 ul400 ul500 ul±0.4%≤0.3%
12.50 ml250 ul500 ul750 ul1000 ul1250 ul±0.3%≤0.3%
25.00 ml500 ul1000 ul1500 ul2000 ul2500 ul±0.2%≤0.2%
50.00 ml1000 ul2000 ul3000 ul4000 ul5000 ul±0.2%≤0.2%
Part number: 702383
Attribute nameAttribute value


Type :EZ Syringe Tips
Volume :50.00 ml
Sterility :Non-sterile
Quantity :Pack/25