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Scilogex Vortex Mixer Accessories

Accessories for use with the Scilogex line of vortex mixers, ensuring that samples in almost any vessel can be mixed using these instruments.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
18900034 Standard Test Tube Cup$22.50
18900035 Universal Circular Adapter$45.00
18900044 Foam Test Tube Holding Rod$110.00
18900020 Foam Tube Insert for 48 Test Tubes Ø6mm (Requires 18900035)$30.00
18900021 Foam Tube Insert for 18 Test Tubes Ø10mm (Requires 18900035)$30.00
18900022 Foam Tube Insert for 12 Test Tubes Ø12mm (Requires 18900035)$30.00
18900023 Foam Tube Insert for 8 Test Tubes Ø16mm (Requires 18900035)$60.00
18900024 Foam Tube Insert for 8 Test Tubes Ø20mm (Requires 18900035)$15.00
18900043 Flat Head Platform Pad for SCI-VS (Requires 18900035)$9.00