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Sibata Class A Amber Glass Volumetric Flasks w/Glass Stopper - 2307A-20


Sibata class A low-actinic amber volumetric flasks are calibrated to contain and meet ASTM E-288 Class A Specifications & USP Standards for Volumetric Glassware. These flasks feature machine-blown bodies and heavy-beaded, heavy-tubing necks which are tooled for standard taper stoppers. The graduation line is sharp and permanent; large, white block-letters allow the labeling to be easily read. Each flask also has a large marking square. The low-actinic amber glass provides protection for materials sensitive to light. All sizes are supplied with a glass standard taper stopper.

Part Number: 2307A-20
Attribute nameAttribute value


Capacity :20 ml
Tolerance :±0.03 ml
Dimensions OD x L :36 x 115 mm
Stopper Number :9
Quantity :Pack/6