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Sibata Class A Glass Measuring (Mohr) Pipets

Sibata class A, reusable measuring (Mohr) pipets meet ASTM E-1293 Style 1, Class A specifications & USP Standards for Volumetric Glassware. These pipets are graduated to the baseline above the tip (tempered) and are also calibrated to deliver. Feature permanent amber markings and color-coded which are enameled into the glass. The top end of sizes 5 ml to 25 ml is constricted.

Part NumberCapacityGraduationsToleranceDimensions OD x LColour CodeQuantityPrice
2010A-01-c 0.1 ml0.01 ml±0.0025 ml6 x 300 mmWhitePack/12$96.58
2010A-02-c 0.2 ml0.01 ml±0.004 ml6 x 300 mmBlackPack/12$94.75
2010A-1-d 1.0 ml0.1 ml±0.01 ml7 x 360 mmRedPack/12$59.85
2010A-1-c 1.0 ml0.01 ml±0.01 ml7 x 360 mmYellowPack/12$59.85
2010A-2-d 2.0 ml0.1 ml±0.01 ml7 x 360 mmGreenPack/12$59.85
2010A-5 5.0 ml0.1 ml±0.02 ml8 x 365 mmBluePack/12$69.78
2010A-10 10.0 ml0.1 ml±0.03 ml10 x 370 mmOrangePack/12$73.45
2010A-25 25.0 ml0.1 ml±0.05 ml13 x 455 mmWhitePack/12$206.73