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Steriking® Regular Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

Steriking® Regular Self Seal Sterilization Pouches feature a self-adhesive closure and are suitable for steam and EO gas sterilization. Pouches are printed with steam and EO indicators and are pre-folded to ease closing.

  • Compliant with Norms and Standards - Steriking® sterile barrier systems comply with the international norms and standards ISO 11607 and EN 868. CE mark is labelled on the transport cartons.
  • Visual Check of the Seal - When sealed, the colored film turns to a darker shade allowing a visual check of the seal integrity.
  • Clean Peel - Steriking® seals facilitate clean, fiber-free opening allowing aseptic presentation of the product. Pouches feature a specially designed peel-off seal which makes opening easy.
  • Strong Seals - The seal strength values of Steriking® packages are higher than the standard reguirements. This eliminates bursting during autoclaving and handling. Several narrow parallel seams (Multiline) make the seal extremely strong and contribute to the Clean Peel.
  • Sealed Edges - Heat-sealed upper corners prevent dust from collecting at the opening seal which reduces the risk of contamination when opened.
  • Easy Handling - Thumb notches at each end of the pouch make it easy to fill and open the pack.
  • Safe Print Design - All the indicators and text imprints are outside the actual packing area to avoid the risk of ink contamination.
  • Manufacture Traceability - Each package carries a lot code that allows traceability of the production history. The code states the year and month (YYMM).
  • Process Indicators - Clearly contrasting colour changes make it easy to distinguish between processed and unprocessed products.
  • Exclusive Materials - Strong and flexible multilayer plastic films and high-weight 70 g/m2 medical grade paper or synthetic material backing guarantee superior bacteria barrier and mechanical strength of the pack.
Part NumberDimensions W x LQuantityPrice
SS10 2¼" x 10" / 60 x 250 mmPack/200$28.38
SS1 3½" x 8" / 90 x 200 mmPack/200$33.25
SS2 3½" x 10" / 90 x 250 mmPack/200$36.75
SS3. 3½" X 22½" / 90 x 570 mmPack/200$79.25
SS4 5" x 10½" / 130 x 270 mmPack/200$48.25
SS4A 5" x 15" / 130 x 380 mmPack/200$67.63
SS5 8" x 14" / 200 x 350 mmPack/200$87.50
SS5A 7½" x 13" / 190 x 330 mmPack/200$94.88
SS6 10" x 15¾" / 250 x 400 mmPack/200$129.13
SS7 12" x 17¾" / 300 x 450 mmPack/200$189.00