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Sterlitech Nylon Syringe Filters

Sterlitech Nylon Syringe Filters are specifically designed for the sterilization and clarification of aqueous and solvent samples in a wide array of analytical and research applications. Containing a hydrophilic nylon membrane, these small filter devices are known for their high particulate load.

  • Female Luer Lok inlet, male slip outlet
  • Inherently hydrophilic
  • Very low extractables
  • Wide chemical compatibility

Applications include:

  • Clarification of samples, buffers, and mobile phases for HPLC and GC
  • Sterilization of lab water and buffers
  • Compatible Solvent filtration

1.2 µm and 5.0 µm pore sizes are also available.

Part NumberPore SizeDiameterSterilityQuantityPrice
1470345 0.22 µm13 mmNon-SterilePack/100$105.22
1470347 0.22 µm17 mmNon-SterilePack/100$121.43
1470349 0.22 µm25 mmNon-SterilePack/100$109.03
NYS022550 0.22 µm25 mmSterilePack/50$121.57
1470351 0.22 µm30 mmNon-SterilePack/100$158.03
1470346 0.45 µm13 mmNon-SterilePack/100$105.22
1470348 0.45 µm17 mmNon-SterilePack/100$121.43
1470350 0.45 µm25 mmNon-SterilePack/100$109.03
NYS0452550 0.45 µm25 mmSterilePack/50$121.57
1470352 0.45 µm30 mmNon-SterilePack/100$158.03