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Unico S-1100 Series Basic Visible Spectrophotometers

The Unico S-1100 Series Basic Visible Spectrophotometers are simple, reliable and economical. Great for use in many types of laboratories, including educational, clinical, industrial and environmental labs.

S-1100 series spectrophotometers offer your choice of 10 and 20 nm models and are designed for use with ½” (13 mm) round tubes or 10 mm square cuvettes. Optional tube holders are also available for COD, ¾” and 1” round tubes. An adapter is supplied at no additional charge for 10 mm square cuvettes.

  • High quality silicon photodiode detector
  • 1200 lines/mm grating
  • Auto zero function
  • One-touch blanking
  • Built-in, automatic filters
  • Large digital display

Both models in the S-1100 series work with optional Windows®-based software for easy data collection and application expansion to standard curve and kinetics, abs. and %T. Data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel® for further processing and analysis. The software is designed for Windows® based PCs using Windows 2000, ME or XP.

Model S-1100 measures absorbance, transmittance and now includes a USB port; while model S-1100RS features both USB and RS-232 ports along with absorbance, transmission plus concentration (C) and factor (F) models.

Supplied with a manual, 12 round optical glass cuvettes, a square cuvette adapter and dust cover.

Part NumberSpectral BandwidthWavelength RangeWavelength AccuracyWavelength RepeatabilityPhotometric RangePhotometric AccuracyPrice
S-1100 20 nm335 to 1000 nm±2 nm±1 nm0 to 125%T; 0 to 2A±2.0 %T$1,861.20
S-1100RS 10 nm335 to 1000 nm±2 nm±1 nm0 to 125%T; 0 to 2A; 0 to 1999C (0 to 1999F)±1.0%T$2,228.60