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Porcelain Buchner Funnels

Porcelain Buchner Funnels include fixed perforated plates. Funnels are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the rims.

  • Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20°C to 200°C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually increasing to 4.69 x 10-5 at 1050°C. Every batch of porcelain is heat tested in the factory
  • Glaze - No softening occurs up to 1000°C and it is extremely white
  • Resistance to Chemical Action - Resistance to acids and alkalies is excellent, except for hydrofluoric acid
Part NumberFilter Paper SizeCapacityDimensions ODxHStem LengthPrice
JBF003 13 mm3 ml20 x 66 mm35 mm$11.40
JBF035 40 mm35 ml50 x 91 mm45 mm$19.80
JBF100 55 mm100 ml65 x 10350 mm$29.08
JBF200 70 mm200 ml86 x 140 mm60 mm$31.57
JBF350 90 mm350 ml105 x 162 mm78 mm$41.16
JBF600 110 mm600 ml127 x 194 mm95 mm$47.37
JBF800 125 mm800 ml143 x 200 mm100 mm$67.08
JBF1150 150 mm1150 ml172 x 220 mm105 mm$97.13
JBF2000 180 mm2000 ml210 x 272 mm120 mm$154.00
JBF4800 240 mm4800 ml270 x 352 mm150 mm$275.80