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Vera Plastics 2 Mil Plain Reclosable Bags

Vera Plastics 2 Mil Plain Recloseable Bags are manufactured from strong and durable 100% low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are CFIA accepted for use in the food industry.

They have a premium quality pre-opened zipper and are highly effective in preventing contamination and keeping contents safe. Vera Plastics reclosables are suitable in applications such as chemical processing, laboratory work, manufacturing and retail or food processing and service.

Part NumberDimensions W x LQuantityPrice
RC20202 2" x 2"Pack/1000$24.98
RC20203 2"x 3"Pack/1000$18.90
RC20304 3" x 4"Pack/1000$22.67
RC20305 3" x 5"Pack/1000$26.21
RC20404 4" x 4"Pack/1000$36.27
RC20406 4" x 6"Pack/1000$29.67
RC20508-06 5" x 8"Pack/1000$61.53
RC20606-06 6" x 6"Pack/1000$41.56
RC20608-04 6" x 8"Pack/1000$69.35
RC20609 6" x 9"Pack/1000$48.85
RC20610 6" x 10"Pack/1000$53.43
RC20710 7" x 10"Pack/1000$96.47
RC20808 8" x 8"Pack/1000$89.39
RC20810-02 8" x 10"Pack/1000$63.84
RC20812 8" x 12"Pack/1000$101.17
RC20912 9" x 12"Pack/500$68.83
RC21010 10" x 10"Pack/500$58.46
RC21012 10" x 12"Pack/500$45.19
RC21013 10" x 13"Pack/500$69.11
RC21212 12" x 12"Pack/500$72.82
RC21215 12" x 15"Pack/500$62.66
RC21520 15" x 20"Pack/500$198.11
RC21824-01 18" x 24"Pack/500$238.03