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Whatman Grade 42 Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers

Whatman Grade 42 Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers are suitable for a wide range of critical analytical filtration procedures for quantitative analysis. Grade 42 filter papers have the finest retention of all Whatman ashless filter paper grades and are designed for gravimetric analysis and sample preparation for instrumental analysis. Other typical precipitates for gravimetric analysis include barium sulfate and metastannic acid for use in glazes, coatings, and pigments. The high purity of Grade 42 filters also makes them suitable for processes that require ashing.

  • Ashless: 0.007% ash maximum
  • Fine (2.5 μm) nominal particle retention rating, eliminates large particles that might otherwise interfere with sensitive instrumentation
  • Herzberg filtration speed of 1870 s
  • Commonly used as a calcium carbonate filter for analysis in the cement industry
  • Particularly suitable for gravimetric analysis
Part NumberDiameterQuantityPrice
1442-042 42.5 mmPack/100$36.93
1442-047 47 mmPack/100$47.83
1442-055 55 mmPack/100$43.47
1442-070 70 mmPack/100$52.04
1442-090 90 mmPack/100$69.44
1442-110 110 mmPack/100$84.80
1442-125 125 mmPack/100$97.81
1442-150 150 mmPack/100$123.84
1442-185 185 mmPack/100$182.37
1442-240 240 mmPack/100$292.33
1442-320 320 mmPack/100$599.64