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Sibata Class A Glass Volumetric Pipets

Sibata class A reusable volumetric pipets are calibrated to deliver and meet ASTM E-969 Class A specifications & USP Standards for Volumetric Glassware. These pipets have sharp and permanent graduation lines and are calibrated to deliver. Feature permanent amber markings and color-codings which are enameled onto the glass.

Part NumberCapacityToleranceQuantityPrice
2040A-05 0.5 ml±0.005 mlPack/12$76.38
2040A-1 1.0 ml±0.006 mlPack/12$53.25
2040A-2 2.0 ml±0.006 mlPack/12$57.48
2040A-3 3.0 ml±0.01 mlPack/12$67.20
2040A-4 4.0 ml±0.01 mlPack/12$67.20
2040A-5 5.0 ml±0.01 mlPack/12$73.45
2040A-6 6.0 ml±0.01 mlPack/12$124.85
2040A-7 7.0 ml±0.01 mlPack/12$125.03
2040A-8 8.0 ml±0.02 mlPack/12$131.10
2040A-9 9.0 ml±0.02 mlPack/12$131.10
2040A-10 10.0 ml±0.02 mlPack/12$131.10
2040A-13 13.0 ml±0.03 mlPack/6$70.05
2040A-15 15.0 ml±0.03 mlPack/6$65.55
2040A-20 20.0 ml±0.03 mlPack/6$66.38
2040A-25 25.0 ml±0.03 mlPack/6$73.08
2040A-50 50.0 ml±0.05 mlPack/6$92.25
2040A-100 100.0 ml±0.08 mlPack/6$165.33